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Retirement Solution

We all have an aspiration for perfect post retirement tenure. To make it ideal you will have to not just retire from your regular work but also from your worries and stress. Our retirement solutions have been designed to offer you a new beginning at the age of 60.

Building a corpus for retirement is most likely your last goal after others such as child's education or buying a home. This means you have more time to plan and invest for retirement. It is never too early to prepare for retirement, especially if you want to maintain the same standard of living that you would have got accustomed to by then.

Our Retirement Solutions

1 .How we do it

We compute the amount that would be required post-retirement considering the inflation and time value of money into account. Using Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) and other long-term growth orient products; we would build a decent retirement corpus for you After retirement an individual may not be in the position to earn in future so we focus on safe investments to ensure adequate post retirement income.

2 .Smart Solutions

Mutual Funds

While designing a retirement kitty, one should never miss the contribution of Mutual Funds as it would not only help you generate desired wealth over a period of time but will also beat the inflation factor. Why we keep talking about inflation is the fact that it can erode the value of money disturbing your future plans. Let’s say today you manage your monthly groceries with 10,000 every month but if we assume inflation at 5 percent, after 30 years to buy the same quantity of groceries you would be shelling out 40,000 every month. It is always advised to diversify your investment and same goes with mutual funds as well. You can invest in equity funds and achieve capital appreciation, put a portion in debt funds for regular income or gold funds for securing your future. To proceed, simply start with investment in a Mutual Fund SIP. SIPs smoothens unpredictable market movements by accumulating more units when the markets fall.
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People often don’t feel comfortable with the idea of investing in a product that exposes the investment to equity. But there is hardly anything to worry about as most of the ULIP retirement plans invest only a small amount in equity-based funds to avoid risk and secure capital. If you are still young and have limited liabilities, you can invest for a longer term. Opt for higher equity input to ensure better potential earnings. Presently, all available retirement ULIPs are single-premium based and can give you huge returns due to the compounding effect.